Outsourced Inside Sales Programs

  • Do you need inside sales representatives, but don’t want the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and training them yourself?
  • Are you getting leads through your inbound marketing efforts, but failing to follow up on them effectively while they’re hot?
  • Do you have a product or service that needs an affordable method of getting salespeople who will drive volume?

The solution is affordable, easy, and hassle-free! Get outsourced inside sales representatives from FalconRidge Trading and find out how much of a difference it makes for your business.

Whether you need inside sales reps, or telephone salespeople, FalconRidge has you covered. If you have a B2B offering and you need one or more full/part-time inside sales representitives (ISR), contact us today to get started with a solution that will drive income and increase your bottom line.


Our 3 Models of Sales Outsourcing

1. Commission-Only Representatives $0 USD/month

When you need to eliminate the fixed costs to your sales program, choose our commission-only model. This model is also known as manufacturers’ agents/representatives.

Not all products and services are made equal. This commission-only program is made explicitly for existing products and services with existing run rate and channels. Exceptions might be granted to distinctive and well-targeted offerings. Commission will vary according to the nature of the business, gross margins, historical data and expected volumes.

What We Bring To The Table:

  • We recruit, hire, and train the sales representatives that you need free of charge.
  • Our representatives will manage allocated territories for you while following requirements and code of conduct.
  • FalconRidge will not only strive to build on your existing momentum, we can also create new net revenue opportunities.


2. Fractional Sales Representation™ (FSR) from $1,895 USD/month

Add a human factor to your sales touch when you choose an FSR™ sales professional from FalconRidge.

When you need to save money but your product or service still requires prospecting and selling, get a part-time representative with full-time caliber. High-level business development or market testing might require you to implement part-time representation prior to rolling out your go-to-market plan. Fractional Sales Representation™ (FSR) allows for multiple businesses to share the experience, time, and skills of one sales representative, thus saving money while not sacrificing on the quality, drive, or training invested in that person. FSR™ Representatives can carry as many as three different offerings, hence, clients can get a 1/3, 1/2 or even 2/3 share of his or her time.

What We Bring To The Table:

  • You get a sales representative who will get people to buy your product or service.
  • We provide training, structure, and coaching to our inside sales representatives to ensure that you get the best possible results. We succeed when you succeed.
  • FalconRidge will evaluate your offering to establish the feasibility of appropriately representing your offering on a part-time basis, because not every business model will benefit from one of our FSR sales professionals. If you are looking at penetrating the US or Canadian market with an enterprise solution that requires representatives to educate the marketplace about your company and your offering, you will require full time sales / business development personnel to be in the trenches and / or at your headquarters. Part-time efforts might unfortunately only lead to future disappointments. If this ends up being the case for you, FalconRidge can also supply you with full-time sales people. Ultimately, we work with you to determine the best fit for your success.
  • We bring state-of-the-art technologyk, processes, best practices, and sales analytics to generate the best results.


3. Inbound Lead Management from $995 USD/month

Stop letting interested customers fall through the cracks through neglect or lack of effective follow up. Don’t expect deals to close on their own. Get a live body to manage your inbound leads.

When you choose our Inbound Lead Management service, you’ll alleviate long-term commitments while still accomplishing needed follow-up on your warm leads. You can choose a part-time or full-time inside representative with this service.

What We Bring to the Table:

  • Our service allows you to manage, filter, align and qualify inbound leads to be brought to a close by our agents, or passed on to more senior members of your team.
  • Much is done these days to create inbound traffic through Social Media and organic traffic for your website, but how good are you at following up? We can help here.
  • You’ll be outsourcing all the hassle (hiring, onboarding, training, HR, etc) while receiving all the benefit of a driven, competitive salesperson who can close deals faster.


Get Started Today

What are you waiting for? Outsource your sales representation today with FalconRidge Trading. You’ll eliminate the frustration and enjoy building your income, momentum, and success.

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