Our Outsourced Inside Sales Capabilities

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When you choose one of the Sales Programs from FalconRidge Trading, you are choosing a capable, dynamic team to get behind your product or service.


What You Can Expect From Us


Recruiting is a difficult part of the puzzle for both enterprise-size businesses and startups. If recruiting is your biggest fear, hand it off to us. Our systems and vast network of professionals allow us to bring you the sales representatives who will best match your product or service.

  • You should expect that maximum time thresholds will be allocated to your program, based on the sales program you have selected. Therefore, most representatives will not be exclusive to a single offering unless explicitly requested by our clients.


Setting Key Performance Indicators

You need to know if sales efforts are working or if you need to pivot, and the earlier you know this, the better. At the beginning of the process, we will work with you to establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will ensure that you’re on the path to meeting your goals.

  • Expect a formal process at the beginning of your launch with us when we set these needed metrics.


Training and support

When you work with FalconRidge Trading, you’ll be getting salespeople who are trained to follow best practices, supported with our effective structures, and managed effectively to drive the a bigger output.

  • You should expect that your representative will be a sales specialist, but not necessarily an industry specialist. This is especially relevant if your organization exploits a niche market. Our representatives are trained to prospect clients and close deals, but they might require additional support from your corporate staff to speak knowledgeably, compellingly, and persuasively about your business.


Management and Reporting

Sales is a numbers game. The more prospects a sales representative talks with during their workday, the more deals they have the chance to close. FalconRidge places a great importance on making sure that our sales professionals spend the optimal amount of time selling, and we are adamant about minimizing their administrative and clerical tasks, which includes but is not limited to reporting and CRM data entry.

  • Expect that we will look at your reporting requirements and establish whether additional FalconRidge clerical support is required to both meet your requirements and also sustain the necessary sales activities to meet expectations.



FalconRidge does an industry-leading job of offering outsourced sales solutions to our customers at an affordable price. When you choose to work with us, you get the economies of scale that enable you to work with the kind of experienced sales executives who would normally be too onerous for a single purse. Get top talent at a fraction of the cost when you choose our Fractional Sales Representation™ (FSR) program and share that representative’s workday with one or two other companies.

  • Expect our fees to be fair, transparent, and reasonable while always being tied back to a proven model of success for your product launch.



If this is your first time hiring sales professionals, you’re in for a dynamic boost to your revenue and your bottom line. There’s just no substitute for the human touch that a real live salesperson can give to your product or service. However, you should also be aware that there is an inevitable ramping-up period with any new offering, as well as a certain season of dialing in the sales process until it is golden.

  • You should expect the first few months to be slower than the sales later down the road. No one can promise you that you will immediately get a ton of sales with low cost, but we can promise you that we will be upfront with what you can foresee, with a proven map of how you should proceed.


FalconRidge Trading is just what you have been looking for.

Change your business. Change your bottom line.

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