About Our Outsourced Sales Company

Our Advantages

ExperienceWe have 25 years in the business of sales management and offering sales outsourcing services to B2B companies. No matter what your offering, we bring best practices to the table so that you see optimal performance.
Mitigate RisksConcerned about Go-To-Market? Don’t be! With our Outsourced model, you can verify what is working before you venture into a full-fledged sales outsourcing model or add to an in-house sales force.
Flexible ProgramsWe know that constrained budgets, uncertainty, lack of sales coverage, and speed to market are challenges businesses face. These factors are often the main drivers for our customers choosing our Fractional Sales Representation™ (FSR) services. Our programs are flexible and come with free consulting and advice.

What We Do

 FalconRidge is a company that is dedicated to making it easy, streamlined, and painless for you to get the outsourced inside sales representatives that you need.


Who Sales Outsourcing is For

  • Enterprise-level companies: When you need one or more trained inside sales representatives fast, without the hassle of hiring, firing, ramping up, HR, and all the other aspects of launching a new salesperson, FalconRidge has you covered!
  • Entrepreneurs and startups: If you have worked hard to develop a product or service, you need it to sell. The faster and more efficiently you sell, the easier it will be for you to stay in business. Now, acquiring that salesperson is easier than ever through FalconRidge.
  • Anyone conducting Inbound Marketing efforts: If you are getting leads through your inbound marketing tactics and failing to follow up effectively with those leads, FalconRidge can get you a sales representative who can close the deal with your hottest prospects.


In a Perfect World

Ideal offerings for our programs fit the following profile:

  • High Volumes of Sales
  • Recurring Revenue from Customers
  • A Short Sales Cycle

However, if your needs are slightly different, please talk to us anyway—we can probably still help.


A Few Words About Us

FalconRidge Trading was born out of necessity for all companies looking for inside sales reps who could work on a commission-only or part-time representation model. We have access to an extensive network of partners, distributors and end-users (institutional, retail, commercial and industrial). This is often the missing link in starting up a new venture or a new offering. FalconRidge Trading has now found a way to put that knowledge and network to work for you in a creative and affordable format.


Customers Say

“It is not easy for French entrepreneurs to sell specialty products for the blind community in North America. We needed a presence to guide us through various local procurement systems. FalconRidge also opened alternate channels we never thought existed.”
F. HassounParis, France
“Selling media directly and through agencies can be a daunting task. You are usually not the biggest player in the room, but FalconRidge managed to have large corporations advertise, which in turn allowed us to increase distribution and create a social media sensation. This led to white labeling our offering ...
F. O’GradyCork, Ireland
“Housewares is kind of hit and miss. FalconRidge put us in front of several buyers in record time. I just wished we had more samples to accelerate our growth once those doors were opened.”
M. OakesSydney, Australia
“The apparel business is brutal. Nonetheless, FalconRidge was able to target specialty vendors who were willing to give our line a try. The success story continues…”
P. TaglianiNewark, NJ
“We never thought we would see our products in Staples, Walmart and other specialty stores in such a short time. In the highly competitive market of mobile accessories, FalconRidge was instrumental to our success. They also rolled out multiple POS at once.”
P. MathewsDublin, Ireland
“Not only did the representative help us organically grow our food and hospitality business, but expanded both the number of suppliers and clients alike. This is an essential step to grow our community of users. We are technology oriented and they brought their sales representation services to the table to ...
K. AmarKitchener, Canada
“FalconRidge took our automotive line of products and ran with it. Although we had done some heavy lifting taking our products to a large Canadian retailer, they were able to replicate our successes into multiple channels of distribution and large US retailers.”
S. YashpalToronto, Canada
“We have a great technology-based offering and limited budget. FalconRidge saw the potential in our products and services. They helped us target specific verticals and invested substantial time and funds in promoting our technology in the United States and Canada.”
Sam R. London, UK


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